Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I have always been enchanted with the European Street Markets...the colors, the smells...they are a wonder to behold! Here are a few images I've captured from past trips abroad...

Mozart 'poser' playing
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
on the water-filled goblets in Salzburg,
Mozart's birthplace...
...and selling CDs, of course!
Upon completion of his song set, he lifts up the edge of the
table to the gasps of the crowd...only to pour out the
water, as the goblets are attached to the table!
That's entertainment!!

A typical butcher's shop in Germany...
so many selections to choose from!

A Hurdy-Gurdy Woman
(organ grinder)
in the Hanover area of Germany,
very near the Pied Piper's town of Hameln.

Fresh strawberries in the foreground,
bins of fresh 'Spargel' - white asparagus...a German
delicacy - in the background.
Fabulous colors!!
The Hurdy-Gurdy Man
complete with fake monkey,
in the Hanover region.

Salt Lamps for sale on the street in Berchtesgaden,
home to Hitler's Eagle's Nest in the
Salzkammergut region of Austria/Germany.

My Aunt looks over some fresh vegetables on
display in Salzburg.

The quintessential 'THISTLE' for sale
in Edinburgh Scotland.
Ah yes...and the revered Pretzel...
a staple in any Bavarian diet!


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These are great pics. Thanks for posting them. And WOW those are some serious pretzels!

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