Thursday, November 20, 2008

St. Louis, So Glad to Meet You!

This is my favorite picture of the arch,
taken as we were leaving the park. First Stop: The Pumpkin Patch where
my Aunt was 'working'...and freezing! Brrrrrr!!

A family portrait:

My Aunt Carol, Cousin Ted & wife Christy
daughter Jordan (front row center) and
German exchange student Miriam!

Christy, Ted and their son Jeffrey

My first actual glimpse of the Arch excited to get closer!

Here I am awaiting the arrival of Pod #5
so that we can board and go to the top!
There are 8 Pods on each side and each carry a
total of 5 people = 40 people go up per side
every half hour or so.

Here is the inside of the Pod...I know...
it looks like a toilet!
There are 5 seats: 2 on each side and
one at the end...very close quarters!
You would probably not want to be claustrophobic at this point!
Us inside the pod...yes...a little blurry-eyed!
The other 2 people in the pod (besides J & me & my Cousin)
were, get this...from RENTON!!!
What are the chances?!?!The ride was a bit jostling...
the pod adjusts to the gradual curvature
of the Arch.

The St. Louis Statehouse

I love this one with the shadow of
the Arch on the grounds below...

John & I enjoy some
lofty views!

Famous Eads Bridge

View looking straight down 630 feet at
the steps leading up to the Arch.

The Mighty Mississippi

We watched a fascinating movie about
the Lewis & Clark Expedition
that began in St. Louis

in 1803!

John watched a presentation on
how the Arch was constructed.

The day could not have been more beautiful!

You can see the tiny observation windows

at the very top of the Arch.

Goes without saying...

My Aunt got very excited when my Cousin mentioned
'Ted Drewes' for a snack...

we were amazed at the combinations available
for their 'Concretes' treats!

I had cherry/marshmallow/Heath bar!

The Webster Hills United Methodist Church sanctuary.

And after church, back to the pumpkin patch!

We had a wonderful visit in St. Louis!!!
Next time we'll have to try
the deep fried ravioli!!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


I have recently returned from a cross-country trip and my second stop was to visit my dear friend Sue in Ohio! Since we are in the midst of Fall, and I absolutely LOVE all the Fall colors, we took a drive in Mill Creek Park just outside of Youngstown. The weather cooperated and the colors and sights were spectacular! I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them!