Friday, July 21, 2006

The Oregon(e) Coast

The Oregon(e) (my friend Sue from Ohio pronounces it "OREGONE" for some silly reason) Coast has always been one of my favorite places to enjoy the beauty, the weather, the sand between my toes, the sounds, the smell of the ocean...all of these things make my senses come alive! This is one of the most outstanding views on the coast ~ it is of the beach at Nehalem taken from a look-out on Neahkahnie Mountain. Years ago, our family camped there at the state park, and we have very fond memories of our time spent building sand castles, getting sunburned, frolicking in the surf, walking across the hot, squeaky sand and playing Boggle by the campfire! I will NEVER tire of going to the beach and I think you can see why this is one of my favorites!!
This sunset is our reward for just being there! This production occurs each and every evening with a different result every time! What a spectacular event with the "silver lining" and the rays streaming out in all directions! I could have taken a picture every 30 seconds and no two would have been alike! God's MAJESTY is revealed in His Creation!! What a gift ~ AWESOME!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006


Please allow me to share some pictures of some of my favorite things!
One of my favorite things about summer is the chance to plant and nurture beautiful flowers in my yard and on my deck! It is very therapeutic to me to be able to tend each pick off the dead blossoms and to see the new growth coming!
There is something very fulfilling about watching a plant develop...kind of like a child, but you can break a stem off of a plant and it will survive! One day recently, I stepped out onto the deck and just happened to look up at this enormous dragonfly on the petunia blossom! It was absolutely stunning! I hope you'll be able to see that guy in this picture...he's right in the center!

This is just one of several pots of flowers I have currently in bloom on the deck. I love putting different textures and colors together and waiting patiently for them to fill in to create a beautiful picture!
This summer is the first opportunity I've had in a long time to actually plant some new things in my front far, we've added three new rose bushes, some sunflowers, Jacob's Ladder and coreopsis! The hydraengea and lily are blooming wonderfully, as well! I hope to add a couple of pieris shrubs going by the name of "Pink Flamingo", adding color, texture and privacy to the front!
I just love to be a caretaker in the garden! Isn't God's Creation just lovely?