Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yes, We Were Actually There!

Some of you have asked to see pictures of us doing things in Hawaii...just to make sure we were actually there, I guess! Well, here are a few shots of each of us doing the things we love to do...golfing, eating, swimming, eating, posing, eating, etc. Thanks for asking!!! P.S. ~ I'll bet you can't guess who carries the camera!?!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kauai's Floral Bounty - A Visual Feast!

This post is just pictures, pictures, & more pictures of some of the luscious flowers I was blessed to see and smell and capture during our trip! I was feeling a little down that we hadn't come across a botanical garden (that we could just stroll through without paying a fee to see...) when, on the last day we were there, we discovered this lovely garden down by The Spouting Horn near Poipu! I was elated!! Please share my joy!

A Tropical Paradise...Again!

A-ROO-A-ROO-A-ROOOOO!!! (That's Hawaiian for COCKA-DOODLE-DOO!!!) We just shouted "Barbeque!!!" at them and they usually trotted off!! ...we did NOT enjoy the chickens & stupid roosters that began crowing at 3:00 a.m.!!!

We had the opportunity to spend a week at my Uncle's condo on Kauai, and since we found a good deal on our airfare and car, we were able to take advantage of it! It was located in the Priceville area (very, very nice) and we enjoyed sunshine, warm weather, fresh mangoes & pineapple, swimming in the pool and soaking in the hot tub, and fresher-than-fresh fish for nearly every meal!
The 2nd picture is the view from our lanai...the pool is hidden behind the palm fronds. This 3rd picture shows the lovely waterfall that gently cascaded into the swimming pool. There was one to match it on the other side that tumbled into the hot tub! It was very relaxing!
Here is a picture of the northern coastline with Bali Hai in the hazy distance.
Lastly, an overlook of some taro fields and the lush, beautiful landscape that is Kauai. It is Kauai's delicious floral variety and green-ness that we fell in love with 11 years ago when we visited it for the first time on our 25th Anniversary!

Watch for more pictures of some of the gorgeous flowers of Kauai!!