Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I have always been enchanted with the European Street Markets...the colors, the smells...they are a wonder to behold! Here are a few images I've captured from past trips abroad...

Mozart 'poser' playing
Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
on the water-filled goblets in Salzburg,
Mozart's birthplace...
...and selling CDs, of course!
Upon completion of his song set, he lifts up the edge of the
table to the gasps of the crowd...only to pour out the
water, as the goblets are attached to the table!
That's entertainment!!

A typical butcher's shop in Germany...
so many selections to choose from!

A Hurdy-Gurdy Woman
(organ grinder)
in the Hanover area of Germany,
very near the Pied Piper's town of Hameln.

Fresh strawberries in the foreground,
bins of fresh 'Spargel' - white asparagus...a German
delicacy - in the background.
Fabulous colors!!
The Hurdy-Gurdy Man
complete with fake monkey,
in the Hanover region.

Salt Lamps for sale on the street in Berchtesgaden,
home to Hitler's Eagle's Nest in the
Salzkammergut region of Austria/Germany.

My Aunt looks over some fresh vegetables on
display in Salzburg.

The quintessential 'THISTLE' for sale
in Edinburgh Scotland.
Ah yes...and the revered Pretzel...
a staple in any Bavarian diet!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Patty Cake, Patty Cake...Dancing Piano Man!

After his big brothers had finished their piano lessons,
Avery sat down to tickle (er... POUND ON) the ivories! He
got so excited he nearly fell off the bench! Then, he just
kept movin' and groovin' once I sat him on the floor!
I love how quickly he picked up the 'Patty Cake' motions!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Well, I may have fast-forwarded just a little too soon there...old man winter decided to dump another layer of Schnee on us here in the usually-mild Pacific Northwest! Can't you just see the little blossoms shivering underneath their chilly blanket? Brrrr!!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Last week...snow! This week, up out of the snow...the crocus have emerged and bloomed in all their glory! The bees are groggily buzzing about, legs heavy-laden with pollen at this season's first offering! A joyous sight, indeed!

Sunday, January 11, 2009


21 DECEMBER 2008

Yes, I know...I am finally getting around to posting some pix from our exciting times this Christmas! For the first three Saturdays in December, I was engaged in acting as Tour Director for Clipper Vacations Coach Excursions to Leavenworth for the Town & Tree Lighting Ceremony! The first two trips were bustling and with very little snow. On the 21st, however, John was able to accompany me (and my coach of 50 eager folks) and we had a grand, albeit FREEZING day strolling the streets & cafes of the town! These first few pix are from our day there...Our favorite German Liquid Toe Warmer...Wait a that Ronald McDonald in the picture?
What's HE doing in Leavenworth?
Ahhh...the Alpenhorns! I could listen to them all day!
A few years ago, while in Andermatt Switzerland, my friend Sue and I were ecstatic to hear some Alpenhorns coming down the street...I ducked up to my room for my camera, and was able to catch some of the townsfolk carrying and playing their horns all through the town! It was August 1st...Swiss National Day! They were accompanied by men throwing huge flags around,
and it was a scene I will always remember!
I honestly think that others around me just weren't as appreciative of these Lederhosen-clad gentlemen as I was! Yes, that's me going "SHHHHHHH!" in the background! (some people's kids!!)
It took them awhile to get going...I believe their lips were frozen!!
(Click on the arrow to hear their tribute)

The frigid temp made earwarmers a must-have! We had to purchase John a pair!
Us...and a couple thousand of our closest friends...

Santa Claus and Father Christmas, European-style


22-23 DECEMBER 2008

Needless to say,

There's a deck under there somewhere...

John began digging out and making a path so that the kids could
come over and make it down the driveway, baby in tow...for Christmas Eve.

24 DECEMBER 2008

Bryan & Andrea's annual family portrait
in front of our Christmas tree.
Trevor ~ 7, Gavin ~ 9
Avery's First Christmas @ 5.5 months!

What's all the hubbub, bub?
Just a little something to watch all those
bowl games on...

Happiness is...a happy, slobbery chub-a-bub
...and a Fussball scarf for your favorite team!
oh boy! wrapping paper!!!
Trevor with his Smarties-filled choco Santa from Germany!
Gavin's new coat that he wore the entire rest of the evening!!

Wii want to play!!!

Star Wars & Legos...a dream come true!!
Trevor taking a wii golf shot
Now Bryan gets a turn
When do I get a turn???

Smiley Boy, even when 2 flashes go off at the same time!!
25 DECEMBER 2008

What a gift!
It was magical!

27 DECEMBER 2008

We all piled in the van and braved the elements to head for
Olympia for the wedding of our niece, Jessica Duke,
to Frank Flammini!
What a lovely couple!

Precious Father-Daughter Dance
Our Step-Mom Char, and nephew Rusty
John's Dad, Mac, and Aunt Marla & Uncle Lloyd enjoying wedding cake!
Trevor enjoyed the cake, too...
Mother-of-the-Bride, John's sis Julie, snuggles with Avery
Jessica showing Ella some dance steps...
Andrea & Trevor cutting a rug...
Me,, too!!!

Simply lovely :-)

There was a very special display of
John's parents' wedding picture (1950)
and his Mom's wedding dress.
John's Dad is 2nd from the left
and his Mom is, of course, standing next to him!
(John's Mom passed away in 2000)
She was there in Spirit and in our hearts.

After the wedding, we went back to B & A's house for some relaxing time...
...and smiles for Grandma, of course!
Typical big brother/2nd child shot...ANYTHING to get in the picture!!
31 DECEMBER 2008
Wii decided to have a game night and play & play & play
and watch movies and eat popcorn...
AND the whole family spent the night at
Grandpa & Grandma's house!
It sure was fun!

Here is Gavin playing Clone Wars on the Wii...
he light-sabred the Christmas Tree a couple of times!

Little bugga-boo was in a happy mood, too!

These are a few of my favorite things...
this year, I added the Angel of the Lord.

Nutcrackers, en garde!
And more of the collection...

03 JANUARY 2009

This year, we celebrated Christmas with my side of the family (the Williams')
down in Vancouver at my parents' home!
Here is my Dad, Lyle, and my Brother, Lief.

And my Mom, Pauline, and my niece, Melissa.
You get to see the back of my Sister Aileen's head, as well as her hubby Bill's,
because they are having a 'skype' conversation with our niece Karmin
while she is in The Czech Republic!
We all had a chance to chat with her!!

All standing around the computer...
Bill, Melissa, Aileen, and Karmin's Mom & Dad,
my Sis Kathy and her hubby Kevin.
Thanks, Kath...that was really special!

My bro & sis amidst the Santa collection...
Our Christmas Dinner, lovingly prepared by Mom & sibs!
Baggin' some post-feast zzzzz's...
Aileen was especially smug after making an awesome play
in a game of Trivial Pursuit aka Sequence...

Mom & Bill
Nephew Kenneth...
"One, two, three, four, five...
yep they've got 5 fingers!"
January 3rd is also the date of my daughter-in-law Yvonne's birthday!
Since she and Chris live in Boston, they were obviously not at
our gathering! So, we popped the cork on a vintage bottle
of champagne, and had a toast to her!

"Yabidi, yabidi, yabidi...THAT'S ALL, FOLKS!!!"