Monday, September 29, 2008


Okay, okay...I'm posting, already! Here are some pictures from our recent vacation to Klamath Falls in southern Oregon...and some of the activities we enjoyed while there! Golf, swimming, hot-tubbing, playing games, making brownies & Jello (thanks for your help, Gavin & Trevor), resting, playing with baby and communing with God and His fabulous creatures in Creation! I wasn't quick enough with the camera, however, to catch the raccoon that was begging at our screen door on the deck one evening!! We had an awesome time!! We are SO blessed to have such a fine, fun family to spend quality time with...we look forward to when the others will be able to take part in family vacations with us in the near future...hint hint!!!

And my own little squirrely chipmunks :-)

Following our 10 days at Running Y Resort, we headed to Eugene to attend the wedding of the son of some very dear friends of ours! It was such fun to surprise (SHOCK! is more like it) our friends as we walked into the church foyer...I will never forget the look on their faces as it registered who we were! And the flowers...absolutely stunning (in spite of the calla lilies!) Of course, it helps that the mother-of-the-groom (my friend in the picture) is an award-winning florist and has owned her own shop for several years!) Funny thing I noticed...these colors look vaguely a wedding I attended (in a hand-stitched white dress) in the early 1970's...I think we've come full circle!
After the wedding and reception, we drove a short distance to the Oregon Coast and enjoyed a couple of days just watching the seagulls, waves & breathtaking sunsets!! God is good...ALL the time!